melissa rosado salsa dancer

Melissa Rosado "The Mambo Princess"

Melissa Rosado, AKA “The Mambo Princess”, is one of the top international instructors and performers of NY Style Mambo “On 2.” She is an energetic and charismatic dancer who is known for her sexy styling and body movement, powerful stage presence and passion for teaching.
She is one of the best examples and instructors of the Eddie Torres technique.  It was not until the age of 9 that she discovered her passion for mambo when she began taking classes with Eddie and Maria Torres. After years of training under Eddie and Maria she was later invited by them to become a member of the Eddie Torres Junior Company. She later became part of the Eddie Torres Senior Dance Company and teaching staff.  She was Eddie Torres’ partner until 2006 and again in 2011.
Afterwards, she partnered with Eddie Torres principal dancer Adolfo Indacochea for almost two years, performing and teaching as one of mambo’s international leading couples.
Melissa has shared stages with some of salsa’s greatest musical legends such as Tito Puente, Celia Cruz, Eddie Palmieri, El Gran Combo, Jose Alberto “EL Canario,” Gilberto Santa Rosa and many others.  We are honored to announce that the amazing Melissa Rosado is confirmed to perform and instruct at the NEW New York Salsa Congress.


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