carlos carmona new york salsa congress 2017DJ Carmona, Charlotte

Guateque Salsa Social

Carlos Carmona is an underground DJ and an avid music collector that specializes in so called “salsa” music; but above all he is a melomaniac. Although born and raised in Mexico City where he discover his passion for the music, he claims his "salsero" citizenship wherever he goes.
For him to DJ is all about the music and how to set the mood for the social dancer and uptight listener with a deep sense of musicality by playing those awesome tracks that will get you nodding your head, singing along or tapping your feet, regardless of genre, old or new school music. His goal: to get you onto the dance floor. His motto “ABRE CUTO GÜIRI MAMBO” (influenced by the creator of mambo, Arsenio Rodriguez AKA “El Ciego Maravilloso”) it means: “Open your ear and listen to this mambo”. DJ Carmona is focused on finding the best way to present music to dancers.
For him, a DJ to-the-bone and all-out music fan, music quality and diversity matters a lot. He had the honor to DJ at very special events like The Rocket City Latin Festival in Alabama 2017, the famous and exclusive LVG 5th & 8th Anniversary in NYC, Tumbao Salsa Social in Atlanta, 3rd Hotlanta Salsa Congress, 1st Seattle Salsa Showcase, The Light Social (Franklin Diaz special event in NYC), El Congresito in SC, 2nd Charlotte Salsa Invitational and several other socials hosted in many cities of FL, CA, WA, SC, NC, TN, GA and VA.
DJ Carmona is the organizer and resident DJ of “El Guateque Salsa Social” hosted every 2nd Friday in Charlotte, NC.  Carlos knows well the ups-and-downs of a small-city music scene and that’s the reason why he enjoys sharing the best ideas and projects with event organizers and DJs looking forward to build a stronger dance community under a healthy fellowship, but most of all he dedicates so much time looking for more and more music to introduce to all level of dancers.  Even when he started his vinyl collection in 2008, he considers himself a baby collector but, constantly he gets in contact with people that have had a lifetime collecting and so, he keeps growing his knowledge in music and by doing so, sharing such passion.



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