Avenida B

avenida b new york salsa congress"Avenida B" is a classic salsa dura band committed to playing salsa for the dance community. With its roots in the Lower East Side of New York City, this new group has an old soul, committed to unearthing and reviving the old school sound, and timeless swing, of the kind of salsa that truly makes you want to get up and dance. Through our unique repertoire and attention to such details as song speed, duration and structure, we hope to reconnect dancers and musicians in a meaningful way that reflects both the dancer's experience and our love for the genre of music that we call salsa dura. 

Avenida B, formada por el vocalista David Frankel en la ciudad de New York, preserva el legado de salsa dura con sus areglos, el sonido del trombone, y su intencion de desarroyar un sonido que a la misma vez tiene el sentido de la vieja guardia y tambien el golpe para el bailador de hoy.



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