DJ Babaloo, NYC (DJB-NYC) Luis A. Felicies  has been working as a DJ Audio Music  programmer for public &  private events in NYC for approximately 20 years with professional credits in Radio, TV & Film.

His audio programming skills have been featured in commercial Venues & Lounges, Public Recreational  Spaces, Art Institutions, Performing Art Centers, Magazines & Network Television Productions.  Featured at the Brooklyn Museum Art at the Target First Saturday’s as Guest DJ for Michel Basquiat Exhibit and on-going Museum Salsa Events.  He has been featured at Lincoln Center’s Midsummer Night Swing, Pier 17 Seaport Boardwalk, Hudson River Park’s Sunset Salsa, Barney’s New York Events-GQ Magazine &  In-Love Magazine. He has traveled  Internationally as Guest DJ to play in cities such as; London-UK, Berlin-Germany,  Berne, Switzerland  to work as a Latin Music DJ.

Professional TV, Film, Radio Industry credits include:

Audio Mixer, Music Programmer
Audio Production DJ Technician on Live Set Production.

Western NY Public Radio
NBC-TV Network Broadcast
LIFETIME Television Network Broadcast
FOX-TV Network Broadcasts
ABC TV-NY Network Sitcom Broadcasts
NBC TV-NY Network Broadcast
40 Acres & Mule Film works

Website: DJB-NYC.COM