DJ CHAPA / Argentina

DJ Chapa is an Argentinian DJ and Producer of his Own Bachata Remixes. Based in Buenos Aires, he Is one of the most important DJs in the Bachata scene in Argentina, travelling all over the world and spinning his music in different countries. He has been part of Bachatea Madrid in 2016, one of the most important congresses in Europe. Also in the Daniel And Desiree “Be Unlike” Congress two years in a row 2017-2018. He has performed his music in Rome, London, Athens and Barcelona as well.

In the United States he is now being part of DCBX Congress in Washington, DC for a 2nd year in a row.

He is currently a member of Latin Remixes DJ community, working side by side with DJ Soltrix and other great DJs. And also, he is part of the Island Touch DJ Family “Team Bachata”. His remixes are worldwide popular and several important artists have danced with his music like Daniel & Desiree, Luis & Andrea, Alfredo & Andrea, Kiko & Christina, Tanja la Alemana with a Ladies Touch Choreo.

He also is very popular with his “Romantic and Smooth Sensual Bachata Session”.