Born and raised in New York, Nicholas Messina has a very diverse range of knowledge and insight into many different styles of dance including the Latin dances, American Rhythm and Smooth Ballroom dancing. However, New York’s style of Salsa on “2” and New York style Cha Cha have become two of Nicholas’ passions. Having learned with many of New York’s top Salsa pioneers, he offers unique insight into the technique and form of the fun, popular style of dance known as “Salsa on 2” or “Mambo.” It is his understanding of Ballroom technique fused with the exhilarating, sexy, club style of New York’s Salsa/Mambo scene that makes learning with Nicholas such an uncommonly, wonderful experience. His love for Salsa and Cha Cha, both music and dance, are very much present in his high energy and informative classes. In addition to teaching group classes, Nicholas is available for private lessons.