Griselle Ponce, an award winning instructor and role model to the Latin Community, is one of the top New York/New Jersey area dancers and choreographers; needless to say Ms. Ponce was born for the stage. Griselle was raised absorbing the sounds that emanated in and around the beautiful island of Puerto Rico. From an early age, Griselle started conquering many talent shows and beauty pageants. Griselle has toured the world extensively nationally and internationally while performing and teaching Salsa in cities and countries such as Italy, Germany, Korea, Israel, the United Kingdom, Argentina, and Mexico just to name a few.

To date, Griselle is working on many projects. The House of Dance is expanding its doors and has become accessible globally on line for students, fans, and future affiliates. The projects include, the world-known “Mambo King,” Mr. Eddie Torres. This is just an insight to how Griselle Ponce and Mr. Eddie Torres will continue to mark the salsa world era.