Huracan Dance Studio is one of the premiere on2/New York Style Salsa dance studios in the world.  Our experienced instructors are dedicated and committed to teaching all aspect of mambo dancing. Huracan has performed at numerous events locally and internationally. The Huracan dancers have performed alongside major artist including Marc Antony, Oscar de Leon, Gilberto Santa Rosa, Eddie Santiago, Andy Montanez and many more.

Our mission at Huracan is to create an experience which fosters harmony and promotes personal wellness. Our classes are detailed, intense and extremely high energy. We look forward to creating a learning environment that is suitable for everybody. We cater to beginners assuring a foundation that will strengthen and help each dancer strive and pursuit which ever dance path they desires.

Here at Huracan Dance Studio, we have a passion for the art of dance and for helping others discover their inner dancer.