Jariel Garcia is a professional Latin music dancer, performer, instructor, and choreographer from NYC, who inspire people to explore a variety of possibilities through body movement. For Jariel dancing is his favorite way of self expression.

Jariel began performing with Universal Mambo Dance Academy (UMDA) 8yrs ago in Orlando, FL, and has danced in Curacao, Mexico, Dominican Republic, China, Japan, and Canada.

Jariel has instructed and lead workshops in the US and around the world, teaching all levels of salsa and bachata. He has taught in several dance companies, including Salsa Heat and Island Touch in Florida; Salsa in the Heights in NYC; Fiesta Dance School in China; Salrica and Semeneya in Texas; and Cadence Dance Company in Canada.

Jariel has put together a variety of creative choreographies for himself, and other performers. His patient and easy going demeanor allow students to learn at their own pace, and put their dancing tools and skills in display at social dances and live performances.

Jariel is the Founder, and currently the lead instructor at Jariel La Salsa Dance Company in NYC.