Jayson Molina has been in the salsa business for over 20 years. His beginnings were at age of 8 under the direction of “King of Mambo” Mr. Eddie Torres. Jayson has grown artistically as a dancer and become one of the biggest salsa stars throughout congresses and events worldwide. He is one of the reasons why thousands of people travel the globe to various salsa events in places such as: Puerto Rico, Australia, Japan, Italy, USA, to mention a few, attracting over 30,000 people annually.

Jayson has been teaching since the age of 12, born in San Juan, Puerto Rico and raised in New York City where his dance training and career got started . Molina also has a master’s degree in psychology obtained at Mount Saint Vincent University which he has applied to dance with a program he created called “DanceTherapy”, this program has been put practice with employees of several companies, the program includes motivational chats and salsa dancing for fraternizing and improving employee relations, Jayson also certifies instructors in the salsa and fitness community to become more efficient teachers improving teaching skills and at the same time expanding syllabus material. Molina travels annually to Mexico where fitness using tropical rhythms is very popular, there he certifies aerobics instructors with his expanded knowledge in salsa, bachata and merengue.

Through his travels Jayson has increased SALSA fever and awakened in many people a passion for learning, teaching and performing not only worldwide but also in his community impacting youth and adults. Molina is one of the pioneers in introducing Salsa to Europe, and because of his love for teaching he opened his own dance school in Rome, Italy in 2001, where he also lived for four years while also leading his group, “Rompecabeza Dance Company”, which recently celebrated its fourteenth anniversary with a stellar showcase at The 2014 Puerto Rico Salsa Congress with a choreography piece highlighting his three companies, Rompecabeza Jr, Rompecabeza Elite and Rompecabeza Dance Company. 

For 13 years Jayson worked as artistic director and choreographer for “Sabor Latino Dance company” which under his direction achieved 1st place at the “World Salsa Open” championship in the dance company category four (4) consecutive times while also teaching training and choreographing for the youth company “Rumba Brava” both of the Julie Mayoral Dance School in Ponce Puerto Rico,  most recently Jayson embarked on a new challenge by opening his own dance studio, “Jayson Molina Dance Studio” in Puerto Rico, since its opening in May 2013 the studio has obtained more than 35 trophies of First, Second and Third places in more than 8 categories of world championships such as “World Salsa Open” from Puerto Rico, “World Salsa Summit” in Miami (USA) and national competitions like Bayamon ciudad salsera and West Coast Salsa Festival becoming the academy with the largest participation and amount of awards in the entire island.

As part of Molina’s accomplishments he has had the honor of sharing stage with very important and influential salsa artist such as Tito Puente, Celia Cruz, Sonora Ponceña, Gilberto Santa Rosa, Tito Nieves, Tito Rojas and Oscar D’Leon among others.

For the past nine years Molina has also commenced on a new phase of his career as Master of Ceremonies for the worlds most important competition, “The World Salsa Open” of the Puerto Rico Salsa Congress, held in San Juan Puerto Rico annually. This new phase of his career has opened new doors as host and MC of many events worldwide. Currently as part of his agenda Molina works attending seminars, workshops, trainings and conferences during different weekends of the year while also up keeping the studio, his focal point for continuing to cultivate and expand all the present victories.