JOSE ALBERTO “EL CANARIO” – Sunday, September 4

José Alberto Justiniano was born December 22, 1958 in Villa Consuelo, Santo Domingo, Dominican Republic. El Canario’s family moved to Puerto Rico when he was just seven years old. In the enchanting island of Puerto Rico, he joined the Las Antillas Military Academy where he pursued his musical studies. His formidable performing abilities were a factor in opening doors for him.

A few years later, El Canario decided to take residence in New York City where he began to show the outstanding skills that make of him a star in tropical music. He became a distinguished figure in many popular orchestras of the time, earning profound reverence from the audience throughout the nation. The experience he accumulated made him a musical leader, and in 1983, he hired a well-known group of musicians and formed the José Alberto “El Canario” & Su Orquesta, a spectacular dance group in New York.

In 1987, Latin music visionary Ralph Mercado chose José Alberto to inaugurate the Tropical catalog of the RMM label. Celia Cruz chose him as her colleague on stage and for years they became a remarkable combination. Since then, he has traveled the five continents and today El Canario is known as a stellar artist of the Tropical rhythm genre. His successful recording career includes countless Gold and Platinum records.


Dance With Me (RMM, 1991)
Sueño Contigo (RMM, 1992)
Mis Amores (RMM, 1992)
De Pueblo y Con Clase (RMM, 1994)
On Time (RMM, 1996)
Back to the Mambo: Tribute to Machito (RMM, 1997)
Live from West Port (1999)
Herido (Ryko, 1999)
El Canario (Viva Discos International, 2001)
Diferente (Envidia, 2001)
Original (Los Canarios, 2011)
Intimamente Salsero Live (Los Canarios, 2012)
Romantico y Rumbero (Los Canarios, 2014)
No Quiero Llanto – Tributo a los Compadres, with Septeto Santiaguero (Los Canarios, 2015)