Originally from the Dominican Republic, Jose Luis Gutierrez’s dancing career began in 1992 in Los Angeles. During this time, while in the Marine Corps, he found himself attending dance clubs frequently, and since then, his passion for Salsa has only continued to grow. After 3 years of dancing and many dance classes requests later, Jose Luis’ career as Salsa instructor took off.

After being transferred to San Diego, he founded E-Club at the Miramar Marine Corps Base, which quickly became the number 1 Latin club for two years in a row. Once his contract with the Marine Corps ended in 2000, he moved to Miami. It was during his first few years in Miami that Jose Luis took time off from teaching, to brainstorm and refine ideas on how to share his passion for dancing at a larger scale.
In 2003, he founded his current company, Karibe Dance Studio, being the first studio to have LA salsa in Miami. Since then, he has competed and won more than 20 local competitions, winning prizes from cruises to cash money. Karibe Dance Studio has participated in a surplus of major Salsa events such as LA Salsa Congress, Tampa Salsa and Bachata Festival, Orlando Salsa Congress and many more congresses throughout the United States of America. Jose Luis has also participated in dance videos and congresses for known artists such as Richie Ray, Bobby Cruz, Tito Nieves, La India, Issac Delgado, and Albita.