KAREN & RICARDO / Chile, Argentina

Karen and Ricardo are the best known Latin dancers at a Global level, with  the most world and national titles. They combine elements of acrobatic dances with classic salsa, which makes them attract the attention of the whole world.

Their outstanding participation in the program World Of Dance season 2, broadcast by the North American network NBC, has led them to consolidate their fame outside the world of dance.

They were nominated in 2019 for the renowned American Emmys Awards as best choreographers in three dance routines. Also that same year they won the renowned award for best TV Show choreography at the World Chorography Awards, LA.

They have become prominent personalities worldwide. They have been dancing professionally for 10 years, and currently travel the world doing classes, choreographies, coaching and shows at dance congresses, TV shows and private events every weekend. Showing their art they have visited countries as different as Australia, Israel, Turkey, France, Spain, New Zealand, Mexico, Japan, Singapore and the USA. Currently they have their own teams, dancing their choreographies, “Karen and Ricardo World Dance Crew” in more from 12 countries, instructional videos to learn to dance salsa, and a store with merchandising that includes: videos, t-shirts, bags for dance shoes and tape to stick dance costumes.