TONY VEGA – Sunday, September 1

The internationally known salsa singer and main character of his musical group, Tony Vega, was born on July 13, 1957 in Salinas, Puerto Rico.

It has been said that “Tony Vega defines his music as salsa with class and swing, a fresh, modern sound, without complications, with a romantic touch and traditional roots”. Vega was exposed to music from an early age, influenced by many adults in his family who were musicians. At the age of 10, he was already playing conga with a group called “La ¨Preferida”, and at the age of 13, he played in a Latin rock group called City Trash.

Even at those ages, it was clear to Vega that nothing could satisfy his musical preferences like the music of his native Puerto Rico. At that time, he received a lot of influence from Ismael “Maelo” Rivera, Cortijo and his combo, Rafael Ithier and El Gran Combo.

In 1978, he recorded his first album as one of the two lead singers of Raphy Leavitt and Selecta. Soon it belongs for a short period of time to Orchestra La Mulenze.

In 1980 he joined the orchestra of maestro Willie Rosario. There he was part of a production that won a Grammy nomination, entitled La Nueva Cosecha. For the young singer was a musical school to which he belonged for six long years. We highlight the participation of another of the greats of the salsa that belonged along with Tony Vega to the orchestra of maestro Rosario, Gilberto Santa Rosa, better known as the “Caballero De La Salsa”.

By this time he joins the orchestra of Louie Ramirez and travels to Puerto Rico, where his friend Giovanni Hidalgo invites him to meet Eddie Palmieri, winning together a Grammy with the recording of La Verdad.

In 1988 he started as a soloist with RMM (record company of Ralph Mercado) and recorded his first production, entitled “Yo me Quedo”, with the co-production of the arranger and trumpeter Humberto Ramírez, being a success. Then they record one of the best-known singles in the salsa world, “Lo Mío es Amor”, from the composition of Omar Olfano.

The year 1991 brought her album Uno Mismo, where the themes “Esa Mujer y Uno mismo” were highlighted, taking it directly to world stages such as Madison Square Garden. Since this year he has achieved recognition from the international public as one of the best interpreters of romantic salsa, with several awards in his favor in the different productions.